Portofolio SatuDunia

Selama ini SatuDunia memiliki pengalaman di bidang penguatan komunikasi di masyarakat sipil. Pengalaman itu antara lain:

  1. Capacity Building Assessment for Monitoring and Documentation of Pluralism, Tolerance Promotion and Freedom of Religion and Believe in seven Civil Society Organizations working in 3 Human Rights and Capacity Building to develop and manage a website and an SMS Gateway as tools to support the ABC campaign in MSM communities National Commissions. Donor: TIFA. Time: July-October 2011
  2. Capacity Building to develop and manage a website and an SMS Gateway as tools to support the ABC campaign in MSM communities. Donor FHI/ASA, AUSAID. February 2011 – March 2013. Contract value USD 41,990
  3. Strengthening community systems to reduce vulnerability to and impact of HIV infection on MSM and TG in Insular Southeast Asia. Contract value USD 330,193. Donor Global Fund. 1 October 2011 – 31 September 2013 di 4 negara antara lain: Indonesia, Malaysia, Filipina, Timor Leste.
  4. “SMS Communication Gateway Development Capacity Building to Support BCC on Afian Influenza in West Java”,. Contract value IDR 372,300,000. Donor SAFE-USAID. Period 25 June 2012 to 31 October 2012.
  5. 2014 election monitoring by citizen participatory use of social media and web-based media. Donor Kemitraan/ Partnership. Contract Value IDR 392.000.000. Period 1 March 2014 – 31 July 2014
  6. Monitoring for Media Campaign Expenditures in 2014 Presidential Elections. Donor USAID-MSI Contract Value IDR 975.090.000
  7. Media Analysis Consultant untuk Program Kampanye Publik Percepatan Reformasi Birokrasi Daerah. Donor Kemitraan (Partnership Indonesia), 2015
  8. Expert Communication Consultants untuk Perkumpulan HuMa, 2015
  9. Konsultan Knowledge Management, Yayasan Tifa, 2016
  10. Inhouse Training penulisan aktivis, Pattiro, 2016
  11. Inhouse Traning penulisan aktivis, Indonesia AIDS Coalition (IAC), 2016
  12. Konsultan Knowledge Management mitra Program SEHATI, SIMAVI, 2017
  13. Pelatihan rutin “Kelas Menulis Aktivis di Media Massa”, sejak 2015.
  14. Pelatihan rutin Analisis Media dengan metode Discourse Network Analysis (DNA) bagi aktivis Organisasi Masyarakat Sipil, sejak 2015
  15. Pelatihan rutin “Menulis Cerita Perubahan”, sejak 2015
  16. Pelatihan rutun, “Knowledge Management’, sejak 2012

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